April 25, 2009



5 year old basketball prodigy

November 20, 2008

Female, to boot! 


Cheating girlfriend hid dead newborn baby in car boot to keep pregnancy secret from partner

July 14, 2008

dead baby lady

i just copy and pasted that headline, because it was just THAT fucking complicated. isn’t life awesome?


Over sixty ravers partially blinded by laser show at Russian festival

July 14, 2008

Dozens of ravers blinded at Aquamarine Open Air Festival by lasers

aim the fucking laser UP, morons! all it really takes is a few seconds on a retina to fuck it up. on another note, i hear if you take enough mdma and look at the sun long enough, you can actually travel TO the sun…wait, your eyesight is just fucked.


my friend’s band The Ruxpin

July 6, 2008

check out this band, they’re awesome, and you get them in streaming soundboarded video. enjoy!


Awesome new news site

July 3, 2008

Silobreaker: Welcome

I suggest that everyone use Silobreaker instead of Yahoo! or Google News, along with some sort of web rss reader, because this site is AWESOME for some semantic correlation and study of news by area, by amount of coverage, or just to read “meta-articles” comprised of snippets and quotes from different articles on the same subject. It even has wiki-like Fact Sheets on companies, separatist groups, and different newsworthy people. Check it out!


slangin liquor in the hood

July 1, 2008

this is the best blog ever: slangin liquor in the hood