Matt Pokora post OMG

April 5, 2008

Unfortunately not in English…but who needs to read anyway, this dude is HOTT!!






  1. do you have some MP3s? i’ve been (desperately) looking for good songs in french, so i hope you can help!

  2. i do, actually, i have his whole cd. 🙂 pretty good stuff too!

  3. if you’re kind enough to help me, please send them to my e-mail. prodigenius at hotmail (im not sure if i have the songs that you want, though)

  4. tro belle

  5. riiiiiiiiccccccccccccco
    nada mas q decir

  6. j’aime beaucoup matt pokora

  7. OMG he is so hot and I love his songs. Btw a friend told me he’s from poland…well, his parents 😉

  8. Hello. hola soy de venezuela, y la verdad es que matt es bellisimo, y canta genial, su albun esta increible, ojalan publique mas fotos de el. I love

  9. sen manyak bişeysin yauu harikasın gözler… bakışlar karizma yıkılıyrsunn kıbrısa beklerig bigün gelesin bura 😀

  10. jtdrrrrrr trooo MP je sais pas qu’est ce que je ferais sans ta zic car je ne sais pas passer une seule journe sans ecouter tes album

  11. je tmmmmmmmmmmmmm t le méilleuuuuuuuuur

  12. This guy is french, and straight event though the pictures are from a gay magazine.
    It’s pretty easy to find his music over the internet, like here for example.


  13. Ale on jest boski!!!!!!

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