myspace keeps on bringin’ the asshats (with quotes!)

April 9, 2008

today’s asshattery:



“im heLLa CraZy duDe who likeS to haVe Fun! umm letS say ImA pLeasUrE seEKeR! lol gee.. DanG fa’ SErioUs! iM aSinErO “Aj” aArOn JoShUa! LoL daymn i shOuLD nOt put thIs but itS aITe for y0 saKE pPL.. i jUst turNEd 18 lAsT 09.16 and iT wAs aLL g00d! reALL it caN kiCk my A$$ for SHO! im hELLa fIttEd cuZ hahaha i caN sue PreDatOrs .. ohh ummm ppL who trYin to piSSed ma cuTe ass.. LoL but if u knOe mE weLL im preTTy coOL and NicE to be WitH , duN heSiTaTe i w0nt kiLL .. HeLL naaawww.. i d0nt haVe gUns n0r nunChaKus! LoL bOy im s0 fUnnY! aiTe hahaha get it StrAight, hiT mE uP wankStas enH mObbIeS so y0 woULd knOe my ReaL EgO .. i MeaNt MEhhh mEhhhh mEhh… iM kO0Ler , tUff gLitCheD enh blah blah blah.. i SaID to0 muCh!!!”

do you know what the fuck he is talking about? do you? if so you should get into fucking rehab ASAP.

Azn BoyZ fynest


“AlwAyz down 4 wAtevA!!!”

man, i may be down for whatever, but these guys are DOWN 4 WATEVA and the World Asian Thug Entertainment and Violence Association is NOTHING TO FUCK WITH!!!

vatos king pimp

and in the “this is not really my car behind me” category, we have our final entry today. although, he is in germany, so you might think this IS actually his car…’cept that it probably just makes it easier to take a “cool” picture.

more later kids! check out our bigghettomess tv episodes and other content on the main site!


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