gta IV faq before the launch

April 28, 2008

GTA IV FAQ: Everything You Wanted To Know About GTA IV (So Stop Asking!)

it’s tommorrow kids!



  1. I really enjoyed reading this post. GTA IV is a pretty killer game and I for one am pretty stoked about it.

    Just wish I would of seen that faq a few days ago.

    BTW I wrote a book that you may be interested in.

    In fact I even went and put up a special discount page to celebrate the release of Grand Theft Auto 4.

    If you have a few minutes go ahead and check it out.



  2. i am wondering y is everyone making fun of gta4 it is like the best gta ever like in the 3 one u have your hand if u pay attention it doesnt chage even when u hit someone now that was super gay i think gta4 is the best game ever made.because u r a super sweet russain guy.

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