Woman Makes $2500/Month On Home Computer

May 15, 2008

She also has a site, OnlineWorkScams.com, for people who want to work from home but don’t want a shitty job. Pretty interesting what you can do with enough time and gumption, right?

JACKSONVILLE, FL — Natalie Williams says she can work in her pajamas. She saves $400 a month on gas because she works at home. And she’s pulling in a couple thousand each month just sitting in one chair by her computer.
It’s not magical. It’s hard work. But domain flipping has turned out, Williams says, to be a huge success for her.
Williams and her husband were living in a trailer. He was making ten bucks an hour and that’s all they had, she says.
Now they’re living in their first home. The house in Arlington, plus a motorcycle and car, are from her profits at the computer screen, she says.
This month Williams graduated from FCCJ with a degree in computers. Her professor, Mike Kirkland, says Williams is proof that many people have skills they don’t realize, but if they’d tap into them, the profit can be significant.

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