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state of the site update

June 27, 2008

ok, yeah, i know i’ve been way damn lazy lately, and there’s a lot of crap going on the internet i haven’t linked to, but i’ve been busy with work, playing xbox, working on some new music stuff, working on an e-commerce website, working on some new business ventures, and breaking the world record for most excuses in a single sentence. oh, and food, don’t forget food.

check out the humyo link below for my mixes re-uploaded, and i’ll have some links for you guys soon enough. AND, I swear, another episode of BigGhettoMess TV is coming! Infact, i’ll probably post at least TWO new episodes once i get some time to sort through the hours of trash floating in the interweb. I may actually go to *gasp* a standard format for the episodes with just random crazy shit in each one! I’m even working on getting more original video content, so keep on giving us a look!


mixes reuploaded + new chopped & screwed mix added

June 27, 2008

I got an account at a pretty cool site called humyo, for some more online storage…25gb to be exact! I have made a public shared folder with my last two trance mixes as well as a brand new chopped & screwed rap mix by me (sorry, id3 tags aren’t there on that one, lazy attacked me). so, check this link out and see if you can download alright, and you may even be able to stream from there too!

dj ten4 and ot tha hustla mixes at humyo – CLICK HERE


messed up kids.

June 20, 2008

ok, so these children all have major, MAJOR issues.



return of the old school!

June 19, 2008

the oops list

haha, it’s like the end of the internet page! except with links!


i can’t update for the life of me

June 12, 2008

i will update again soon, i’ve got some music i’m currently making myself, plus i’m about to start beta testing Tom Clancy’s EndWar, so my time continues to be eaten. But, here’s your belated moment of zen: