state of the site update

June 27, 2008

ok, yeah, i know i’ve been way damn lazy lately, and there’s a lot of crap going on the internet i haven’t linked to, but i’ve been busy with work, playing xbox, working on some new music stuff, working on an e-commerce website, working on some new business ventures, and breaking the world record for most excuses in a single sentence. oh, and food, don’t forget food.

check out the humyo link below for my mixes re-uploaded, and i’ll have some links for you guys soon enough. AND, I swear, another episode of BigGhettoMess TV is coming! Infact, i’ll probably post at least TWO new episodes once i get some time to sort through the hours of trash floating in the interweb. I may actually go to *gasp* a standard format for the episodes with just random crazy shit in each one! I’m even working on getting more original video content, so keep on giving us a look!


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