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having white people over? check the list!

May 1, 2008

Stuff White People Like

that’s seriously one of the funniest sites on wordpress.


i have been in meetings ALL FRICKIN WEEK!!!

April 23, 2008

so if you want to know why the updates are so slow, there it is. oh, and if you want a spot on here updating the site, drop me a comment on this thread.


OH my GAWD!!!!

April 10, 2008

Do you want to learn how to talk shit? Read this primer on shit talking 101 by the queen, Khia, from her Myspace blog:

“Now you know what????? I have to be the baddest, realest, smartest bitch ever….. Because all these dumb silly Drag Queens love to promote me…..I have been on covers, four page spreads, radio and TV and I didn’t have to spend a dime!!!!! Come on people…..I now see that some of us was born out the pussy and some of was born straight out the asshole…….LOL!!! I mean come on………. Why wouldn’t I want to be on VH1’s prime time television, their official website and on The Wendy Williams show!!! Promotion people!!!!!! Because after this reading…I know that drag queen is going to call to try and clear up a few things…… Okay Wendy….. I know its been some undercover hatin going on!!! How many times have I been on your show and seen you in person!!! Gurrrrrrrl….. Were you high??? Or was that rat’s nest weave on your head too tight?????? Aren’t you and your husband under investigation for sexual harassment?????? What happened?????? Bitch why you worrying about my titties sagging. You need to worry about your husband fucking them young girls at your radio station, with yall being swingers and all…….I’m sure he would looooooooove these titties in his mouth and I am sure that you would have loooooooved to watch….. To bad I don’t swing or do cocaine!!!!! LOL!!!!!! You 50 year old coon!!! With your nasty ass!!! You done had a face lift, breast implants and tummy tuck and u still look like a man. At least, mine are real!!! Bitch…… Your pussy walls is so lose, you done had 9 miscarriages…….You cant’ even hold the baby….. Was it the drug addiction or the lose walls???? Clarify this….. Because I don’t understand…….Why you worrying about me, you need to figure out
how you gone dig Johnny Cochran out his grave to fight this case!!! You and your nasty ass husband locking bitches up in rooms with whips and chains……. You ugly bastard!!!!! Where do you shop at???? Petite Patton
or the Big and Tall store…. Cuz your mouth and your hands looks like it could grip a basketball without a problem!!! Tranny, you and your and husband be trading places…. I heard you like to strap on!!! I’m gone
have your job in a minute!!! Cuz u 50 years old and u still tricking at the radio station….. Ohhhhhh….. I forgot P. Diddy ended that!! No more powdered dick-kabobs for youuuuuu!!!! Once a junky always a junky!!! still pawning that cheap ass jewelry?????? U getting old Wendy….Pass the baton… I like to gossip and interview stars too……. I’m a baby Wendy Williams!!! Always giving the truth but the only difference is, I wont get dragged by my wig like you!!!! I’m not gone get addicted to cocaine like you, Me and my husband not gonna have sexual harassment charges like you!!! We not gonna have several miscarriages from dick abuse and drug abuse like you!!! Nowwwwww, my titties are sagging because I have two
beautiful healthy children…. What’s your excuse for your face and all the surgeries you had that didn’t work???? With that deep ass voice!!! Did you get that Adams apple removed toooo????
Didn’t you have a show on VH1 that flopped??? Why is your husband always cheating on you ???Is it because them young girls look better than you??? Is that why your husband have a pending sexual harassment charge??? Stand by your man Wendy!!! Yall are in it
together!!! Swangers!!!!

You wrong for that with that lazy eye and head full of mangled tracks!!!!! Bitch you aint no diva!!! You won best radio personality in 1993.… Bitch it’s 2008!!! Your time is up and you are used up and dat pussy is wrinkled for sure!!! With your decrepit ass!!! Don’t Wendy look like the junky in the hood, that thinks she still got it???? Bitch you washed up and over the hill!!! You finally met your match!!!! I am the future!!! Bitch
…….choke off the next dick that goes down your throat, No….No wait a minute…. Sprinkle some powder on it first, because I know you will suck it even faster, theeeen!! Now run and tell that!!!!!”

ohnotheydidnt: Ohhh GUUUUUUUURL.