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NES car engine mod

April 18, 2008

vvtinintendo.jpg (JPEG Image, 1600×1200 pixels) – Scaled (64%)

Mods: NES Controller Car Engine Mod

that is AWESOME!!


bigghettomess tv volume 4 – stuntastic!

April 6, 2008

we deliver yet another installment…this time it’s all stunts! from the guys that get it right, to the guys that really get it wrong, its STUNTASTIC!

as always, click to read more to get to the video.

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crash tv

March 31, 2008 presents crash tv volume 1

if everyone likes this there may be more little “tv shows” i can handpick, i have an eye going for the “raw realtv/trutv most daring on speed” sort-of thing right now. This one starts you off easy, then escalates into some crazy mix of stuff, followed by probably the one truly great montage of stock car wrecks, then some more wreckage at the end. read the article for the video embedding.

update: also available now, volume 2 of bigghettomess tv!

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