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gta4 is awesome

April 30, 2008

sorry but it is worth all of the hype, get a copy.


gta IV faq before the launch

April 28, 2008

GTA IV FAQ: Everything You Wanted To Know About GTA IV (So Stop Asking!)

it’s tommorrow kids!


awesome video for gta4

April 25, 2008

IGN: Grand Theft Auto IV Review


gta4 gameplay footage

April 24, 2008

all the videos i had last night already got busted, obviously, so i’m putting up one more and thats it:

get at it while you can!


GTA IV Leaked Online (obviously)

April 23, 2008

Rumor: Pirated GTA IV Leaked Early Online

Leaked GTA IV Release NFO

who would have thought this would NOT be prereleased? it’s too big of a release for people to sit on. oh well, i have my copy reserved and paid in full already, go ahead and pick it up! you know you want to play on live!!


grand theft auto 4 week at ign!

April 21, 2008

IGN: GTA IV: The City that Never Sleeps

awesome coverage. pre-order that shit now!!


Grand Theft Auto 4 Weapons Preview

April 11, 2008

this game is gonna be siiiiiick!!!!!

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