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mixes reuploaded + new chopped & screwed mix added

June 27, 2008

I got an account at a pretty cool site called humyo, for some more online storage…25gb to be exact! I have made a public shared folder with my last two trance mixes as well as a brand new chopped & screwed rap mix by me (sorry, id3 tags aren’t there on that one, lazy attacked me). so, check this link out and see if you can download alright, and you may even be able to stream from there too!

dj ten4 and ot tha hustla mixes at humyo – CLICK HERE


Spring Sale on Clothes, Music, and DVDs at MixUnit!

April 25, 2008 – The World’s Largest Hip-Hop Store – Music + Fashion + Entertainment

15% off an already cheap webstore is pretty awesome. Especially when it’s got that new Jim Jones and some awesome Algiers shirts!


your newest dose of CRUNK!!!

April 24, 2008

IPhone: Worst Music Video Featuring iPhone Interface Has the Unfortunate Title of “Smell Yo D*ck” (NSFW)

i have to give gizmodo props for finding my latest dose of CRUNK!!!! for the site!


this bitch is BOSS!!!

April 21, 2008

ohnotheydidnt: Light up the ‘dro! Khia Video Blogs and more!

more khia blog madness! she’s the best!!