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your newest dose of CRUNK!!!

April 24, 2008

IPhone: Worst Music Video Featuring iPhone Interface Has the Unfortunate Title of “Smell Yo D*ck” (NSFW)

i have to give gizmodo props for finding my latest dose of CRUNK!!!! for the site!


matt pokora video

April 15, 2008

yeah, its the new single in english, but the video is pretty cool and I really like that beat 😛

here’s some more tracks if you wanna play em


bigghettomess tv volume 5 – homegrown music videos (90’s edition)!

April 11, 2008 presents bigghettomess tv volume 5 – this time its homemade music videos of 90’s dance hits! a compilation of jackassery and amateurism that reaches unforseen heights! i could have done this with several other genres (definitely going to do one later on modern homemade rap videos), but this is what I wanted to start off with. This one took quite a lot of time, as I had to reject several different entries for each piece of music because of boringness or bad sound quality. As always, our TV show is wild, wacky, and just plain OUT THERE!! We always bring you something different, and at least once or twice a week. Keep checking in!

As always, hit the Read More link below to get to the video! Enjoy!

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in the what-the-fuck-is-this? category

April 11, 2008

no, really, WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS????