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uninterrupted internet radio

April 27, 2008

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pretty cool shoutcast list site, a nice looking alternative to shoutcast with direct links instead of those bounce redirects so you can save the link or save this page and have web radio behind firewalls that restrict the shoutcast yellow pages! 😀 all 128kbps, uninterrupted music stations.


your daily dose of crunk is BACK!!!

April 21, 2008

leaked offa the new album, enjoy while you can!


yet another divx/stage6 links site

April 12, 2008

this site actually seems to use the old divx/stage6 plugin for their videos, as well as the OGM format videos:


check it out! some of them will only download, and won’t stream, so if it doesn’t just play right away you’ll know why.


divx stage6 replacement

April 1, 2008

it’s OGM Streaming and it was around before divx streaming, but has now gotten more popular in the wake of stage6.

check out MessageFromMe to post/find videos, or check out some of the links at divlix. Get the plugin from the first link, however, as I can’t really vouch for OGM plugins on any of these fly-by-night sites. If you go and try to open an OGM video and it doesn’t stream in firefox, firefox will automatically send you to the correct streaming plugin page.

update: as always, ovguide is the best place for more site links.