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soon you will have a computer in your arm

May 1, 2008

HP Discovers Potential “God Particle” of Electronics | Popular Science

this is a pretty sweet story!


bow to your computing gods

May 1, 2008

May 1, 1964: First Basic Program Runs

that’s right kids, they fired up BASIC about 44 years ago today. so

10 celebrate
20 goto 10


the One True Box

April 30, 2008

Home Entertainment: Building B/Sezmi One True Set Top Box Aims to Kill TV as You Know It

i bet this damn thing costs too much to buy and operate.


We do demand that it stick around!

April 24, 2008

Ballmer: You want XP, we’ll keep XP | Tech news blog – CNET

Yes, we want to keep XP! The SP3 RC2 for xp is awesome, and Vista is too much of a hardware hog to deploy corporate-wide! Cost of ownership on vista because of the hardware restraints is waaaaay high! I don’t mind using Vista, but on a good machine!


grow a new arm and get back in the shit soldier!

April 22, 2008

DoD establishes institute tasked with regrowing body parts – Engadget

this is pretty cool, i saw another program on this same subject and it is actually coming along pretty quickly already, this shot in the arm should make it really awesome really soon.


i hate my computer sometimes too, but…really?

April 14, 2008

Rage Against the Machines: Gallery of Gadget Revenge

this is awesome!!


my walls are shiny!

April 13, 2008

Light-emitting wallpaper runs your lamps right out of a job – Engadget
Jonas Samson Product Design

damn, thats cool!